• Architectural Animation

    Architectural Animation

    Photorealistic 3D Architectural Animation is one of the most experienced services of the team

  • Architectural Exterior Rendering

    Architectural Exterior Rendering

    We offer the Best Residential and Commercial 3D Exterior Render Services providing you outer look of the property

  • Architectural Interior Rendering

    Architectural Interior Rendering

    Our team of professional visualizers work closely with architects and Interior Designers to create stunning interior 3D renderings

  • Mega-Projects Animation

    Mega-Projects Animation

    Studio Zindeed has a great resume on animations for Large-Scale Development Projects, including all types of infrastructure projects

  • Industrial-Animation

    Industrial Animation

    With an experienced team of engineers and 3d-Artists we've got a unique resume in Technical/Industrial Animations

  • 2D Infographic Animation

    2D Infographic Animation

    Are you looking for a 2D Infographic video for your business? Just contact us for a quick quotation

  • Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour

    Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour

    Clients can interactively experience semi-real spaces while being immersed in the 3d model itself, With our Virtual Reality service



Combining our expertise in 3d modeling with the project management knowledge, we offer 4D BIM s...

Architectural Animations

Architectural Animations

Creating high quality photo-realistic 3D architectural animations for residential and commercia...


Infrastructural Animations

Our Resume is full of great visualizations for large-scale Development Projects including Tunne...

  • On-Time, On Task, On the Move!
  • Ultimate Attention to Details.
  • Hassle-Free Project Delivery
  • Experienced in 50 mega-projects.
  • 10 Years of Experience.

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Why Us ?

Superior Quality

Our work quality in terms of precise engineering detailing and aesthetic aspects is in the highest available level in the region. We'll guarantee the quality of final product as the agreed sample work.

Dedicated Expertise

Studio Zindeed's team members are well educated, experienced and organized to become the industry leader in providing cutting edge visualizations and illustrations for your projects.

Trust, Transparency, Responsibility

Since we think our mission is to make a long term partnership with our clients, there are some solid criteria for our company including mutual trust, transparency and a strong sense of responsibility.

Competitive Rates

While we offer a superior quality, we're extremely competitive in the market. Because of our vast experience in wide range of projects and a great library of 3dmodels, we quote affordable prices.

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